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Sungai Watch

Their beautiful story

It all started from an observation: the youth of Goma (North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo) represent enormous potential for developing their city by creating or obtaining work. The Ngangi Fund was therefore born from the desire to support, at a socio-economic level, the city of Goma by locally helping youth through education and entrepreneurship. The Fund is convinced of the potential that young people represent and provides them with the tools and resources necessary to obtain or create work.

For 12 years now, the Ngangi Fund has met, discovered and enriched itself with the potential of the gifted, optimistic and dynamic youth of Goma. Thanks to the Excellence Program, the Boost Camp and the future incubator which will open its doors in June 2021, but above all thanks to the sharing of experiences, the association aims to promote different talents, to create social bonds and to see, with energy, the opportunities that the city of Goma holds.

Their impact

The impacts linked to the activities of the Ngangi Fund are multiple:

- In terms of education, the Fund is supporting 52 scholarship recipients this year at a rate of $1,500 per student. Among them, 42% are women. Since 2019, the Fund has remodeled its Excellence Program which aims to support education by selecting young people in precarious situations leaving secondary school and aspiring to university studies to find quality employment. Now, systematically, scholarship holders are sent to universities based, when studies are available, in countries bordering the Kivu provinces such as Rwanda or Uganda. It is necessary that these young talents can draw inspiration from what is best in their city and in neighboring countries and benefit from better training in order to gain maturity and develop critical thinking.

- In terms of entrepreneurship, editions 1 & 2 of the BOOST program in February 2019 and 2020 aimed to coach young entrepreneurs from Goma, winners of the entrepreneurship competition organized during the Amani Festival.

The excitement is enormous regarding the year 2021: Ngangi begins the construction of a center for culture and entrepreneurship this summer, on the main artery of the city of Goma. This project could not see the light of day without its partners Bralima and the Foyer Culturel des Jeunes de Goma. The vision of this center is to bring together local and international players in best-in-class infrastructures to promote the development of entrepreneurship and the emancipation of culture.

The Ngangi Fund community is growing: 98% of donations are directly allocated to projects carried out in DR Congo. In addition, 50% of their alumni have launched a professional or charitable activity.

A Word from the Philanthropist

We know the founders of the association well and follow their actions closely. Their results are tangible and concrete, and for this reason, we wholeheartedly want to support them!